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Format:  100% Downloadable PDF 
Instrument:  Violin
Skill:  Complete Beginner
Type:  Song Book - 10 songs
Pages:  16
Series:  'Learn To Play The Violin' series.




Learn To Play The Violin - Song Book 1 follows on from the Violin Video Lessons 1-10, and before you go onto lesson 11 with book 2.

It contains 10 well known classical and original pieces that have been written and arranged especially to go with the Violin Video Lessons 1-10.

So, if you fancy playing a few more pieces at the level you are currently at, rather than hunt around for books that are either too hard or too easy, then this is the book for you!

The book contains 16 pages that can be printed out on single sheets, or will fit nicely printed out on both sides, the bound together as you see fit.

Pieces in this book: 

  1. Ode To Joy
  2. Country Gardens
  3. March
  4. Blue Danube
  5. Leaving For The Last Time
  6. Minuet in G
  7. Air from Water Music Suite
  8. Alla Hornpipe from Water Music Suite
  9. Frohlicher Landmann
  10. Drunken Sailor
Click HERE to watch the video demonstration that accompanies this book.


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82 Reviews

  • 5
    This is song book is very helpful for beginners.

    Posted by Genadi Georgiev on 9th Aug 2021

    The songs are very easy to play at the level and the songs are filtered so that there is only what you need for a beginner.

  • 5
    Book 1 Violin

    Posted by Joe Licari on 16th Jul 2021

    Allison has been a great inspiration for me in learning Violin as a beginner. From purchasing my first Violin , going through all 10 lessons, and purchasing the downloadable Book 1 for Violin. Allison has made it easy to learn quickly with all her great advise. Book 1 is easy to understand and all the print outs on finger placement has come in real handy. I’ve taped them all over my walls for easy access. Alisons review on Violins made me purchase my second violin as an up grade. The best violin tutor every. I highly recommend Alison for all violin beginners out there. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you!!!

  • 5
    The best thing ever

    Posted by Maria-Magdalena Mavroenidis on 20th Jun 2021

    She's absolutely amazing

  • 5
    Song Book 1

    Posted by Angela Jumantin on 2nd Jun 2021

    Very Satisfied. I love it very much..

  • 5
    Alison's Teaching Technique and Song Book 1 Songs

    Posted by YAW LIN CHING on 14th May 2021

    As a beginner learning the violin from home, Alison's method is really easy to do and it is really progressive. As for the songs from Song Book 1, they are great. Not too easy and not too hard. These two added together results in amazing things!

  • 5
    Alison's teaching method.

    Posted by Michael J Lawrence on 10th May 2021

    So here's the thing. I just spent six weeks going through Alison's first ten lessons and all the exercises. One to two hours a day squeaking and scratching on open strings, first finger, second finger and finally 3/4 finger notes. Finally, I got through the final exercise reasonably well and I bought this song book as my reward. Finally! Let's play some music. The point of all this is: I was able to sight read the first two pieces! I was totally surprised at how easily I was able to pick up the first two pieces. Not great - I still have a lot of work to do with intonation and string crossings. But, after going through the exercises and diligently following Alison's instructions, I was able to sight read and play two pieces on the violin in a recognizable form. Her method *works*. I am one happy student.

  • 4
    learn to play violon

    Posted by Jean on 16th Apr 2021

    Happy to be able to learn violon at home.Thank you very much

  • 5
    Successful so far!

    Posted by Esther on 15th Apr 2021

    Started playing the violin in March and already able to play beautiful tunes and it actually sounds very nice. It maybe helps that I’m a guitarist and know how to read sheet music. Thanks for the online lessons so far.

  • 4
    Excellent learning resource to accompany lessons

    Posted by Marianne on 15th Apr 2021

    This is a very useful book. Gradually takes you through the progressive lessons you have learnt and offers some easy, then more challenging pieces, even if you are not an absolute beginner, so keeps you interested. The pieces, very well stripped back, encourages the use of the little finger, something I have been avoiding as I find it very difficult! For me personally, I am trying to play 'folk' fiddle, ie, Irish, Scottish, old time American, so would appreciate some of these tunes, perhaps in a later book? Overall, would highly recommend as a good learning resource. Thank you Alison, for giving your precious time to help people like me.

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