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This is the ultimate violin package that Alison offers!

Check out below to see what is included in the 'Ultimate Violin Package':

What you will get in the download:

- The PDFs and all materials that accompany the video lessons 1-10

- Violin Song Book 1 - worth $9.99

- Learn To Play The Violin Book 2 - worth $13

- Violin Song Book 2 - worth $9.99

- Learn To Play The Violin Book 3 - worth $13

- Violin Song Book 3 - worth $9.99

- Mp3 piano accompaniments to Song Book 3 - worth $9.99

- Canon in D Package - worth $4.99

- The Simply Series (all 5 books) - worth $29.99

- The Wedding Book - worth $9.99

- Mini Concerto in G Major - worth $4.99

- The Traditional Christmas & Holiday Violin Book - worth $12

- Alisons entire back catalog of all violin sheet music she has arranged which totals well over 700 and counting - worth $84 (based on 1 years subscription value)

- *Ongoing complimentary email support with Alison - worth $720 (based on 1 years worth of support)



With this '1-30 Violin Course', it guarantees to take you from a complete and total beginner to a very competent and accomplished intermediate level, where you will be able to read music well and play just about any piece of music you would like too. You will also receive lots of extra and bonus material as well as email support!


The Complete Collection of violin books (lessons 1-30): these are the 5 (DOWNLOADABLE) books that make up Alison's '1-30 Violin Course'. There are 2 violin tutorial books and 3 Song Books. There are also 30 videos that accompany each and every tutorial lesson as well as one demonstration video for each of the Song Books. The videos are linked in each book which you can access online (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device) and also offline with QR codes.

You will receive: Song Book 1, Learn To Play The Violin Book 2, Song Book 2, Learn To Play The Violin Book 3, Song Book 3 & the mp3 piano accompaniments for Song Book 3.

Canon in D Package: in this downloadable package you will receive; the easy violin sheet music complete with ALL finger numbers and string letters as per Alison's usual style. The advanced violin sheet music - written exactly as Alison performs it in her music video. The piano sheet music in case you would like to perform this with a friend/relative etc to accompany you live. The mp3 piano backing track. This is just the piano on it's own with no melody - that you can play the violin part to/over the top. The mp3 violin & piano performance performed and recorded by Alison herself.

The Simply Series: a downloadable collection of 5 books each with 10 pieces composed in a particular style/genre. You will receive; Simply Country, Simply Gypsy, Simply Jazz, Blues & Rags, Simply Jigs & Reels and Simply Romantic.

The Wedding Book: this downloadable wedding inspired song book contains 11 well known classical pieces that have been specifically arranged for solo unaccompanied violin. Whilst these are some of the pieces I personally play when I'm performing at wedding ceremonies, they are not limited to weddings...

Mini Concerto in G Major: this downloadable concerto for violin contains 3 movements. Each movement comes with a video performance and video tutorial. You will receive: 9 Mp3's; 3 x piano backing tracks for each movement at performance speed, 3 x piano backing tracks for each movement at a slower practise speed, 3 x performance tracks for each movement with the violin part included. Violin sheet music for each of the 3 movements. 

The Traditional Christmas & Holiday Book: this downloadable book is a collection of 10 easy festive violin pieces complete with bespoke mp3 backing tracks. 9 of the songs also come with violin TAB for those who still want learn the songs you want to play, if you struggle with, or cannot read music.

Entire Back Catalog of Violin Sheet Music: this catalog is literally every single piece of music that Alison has ever arranged over her musical career online. This catalog is currently only available to her Patrons who support her on Patreon who pay $7 per month to access it, but with 'The Ultimate Violin Lesson Package' you will gain lifetime access to this catalog.

The catalog currently stands at over 700 pieces (as of May 2020), but this is ADDED to monthly.

Please note: you will not become a Patron on Patreon - you will only gain access to the catalog via a link that will be in the package once you download.


*Ongoing complementary email support with Alison: Fair usage with this does apply and as such, you will be limited to 3 emails/questions per month, so please use them wisely!

Whilst Alison is very confident that her books and videos explain everything you need to take you on your journey to learning the violin, you may at times get stuck and this is where Alison can step in and help you a little.

Unfortunately at this time, Alison will only be able to help you with specific questions relating to issues you may have from learning with her course or her books. This would be technical questions relating to the lessons where some extra clarification is needed.

She is unable to guide you on any questions outside of the course, for example; on which violin, bow, strings or other accessories to purchase, or on other books you may have that have not been written by her, or other topics not relating to her '1-30 violin Course' or her books in this package, or general progress assessment.


Please note: this is for written email support only and does not include assessment or help via videos.


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6 Reviews

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    The Ultimate Violin Package

    Posted by Dennis Schrader on 6th Dec 2023

    Very good product.

  • 5


    Posted by Sharon Mitchell on 27th Oct 2022

    Love the online learning for violin-so much content , it is as if Alison in the room with you teaching you the lessons- outstanding value

  • 5

    The Best Beginners Violin Program

    Posted by Jade Oi on 31st Jul 2022

    Alison has really put in a lot of thought and effort into every aspect of this beginners violin books and material. This package is really value for money. I'm really enjoying it. I highly recommend this package if it's within your budget.

  • 5

    Violin lessons 1-30

    Posted by Adian on 13th May 2022

    Highly recommend, purchasing the lessons guide 1-30,

  • 5

    The Ultimate Violin Package

    Posted by Johnny on 14th Jan 2022

    This is the best deal in violin education that you will find. I highly recommend it!

  • 5

    The Ultimate Violin Package

    Posted by Dina on 16th Jan 2021

    I purchased Alison's Violin Package a month ago and for absolute beginners it's worth every single penny--actually it's a bargain! I came across her free tutorials on YouTube and liked her very logical approach and explanations as well as her dry, clever sense of humor.

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