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Format:  100% Downloadable PDF 
Instrument:  Piano
Skill:  Complete Beginner
Type:  Tutorial
Pages:  42

 'Learn To Play The Piano' series.


Due to popular demand I have written an accompanying 'Song Book 1' that compliments 'Learn To Play The Piano Book 1.' Song Book 1 contains 10 well known classical pieces and be found HERE.

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Learn to play the piano from complete beginner to a Level 1/Grade 1.

This book works in conjunction with Alison's Piano Lessons 1-10 videos on YouTube, or as a stand alone tutorial book and will thoroughly teach you the basics as quickly and simply as possible.

The book contains 42 pages that can be printed out on single sheets, or will fit nicely printed out on both sides, and bound together as you see fit.

What is Covered in the Book:

  • Getting started; middle C, finger numbers & the musical alphabet.
  • The scale of C & advancing further.
  • Basics of music and more about middle C.
  • Note values & bar lines.
  • Quaver/eighth notes.
  • Rests, ties, sharps & flats.

Plus much more... 

Don't forget to take a look at the other books in this series.


Accompanying Books

The below books are all in the 'Learn To Play Piano' series which accompany each other and follow on from each other. 

It is recommended that once you have completed the Tutorial book, you move onto the Song Book of the same level as this will give you more practise at that level before you move on:

Learn To Play The Piano Book 1

Song Book 1

Learn To Play The Piano Book 2

Learn To Play The Piano Book 3

Song Book 3

Learn To Play The Piano Book 4

Song Book 4


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98 Reviews

  • 5

    Book 1 learn piano

    Posted by Neil Hughes on 16th Feb 2024

    Well thought out and easy to follow. Quick and simple dowload.

  • 5

    For the short time I've owned the product I find it entertaining and easy to follow.

    Posted by Eugene Fredeen on 6th May 2023

    Very good product looking forward to finishing Book 1 and moving on to Bppk 2. Thank you. Gene

  • 4

    Learn to play piano book 1

    Posted by Eric on 14th Feb 2023

    Clear & simple

  • 5

    Book 1

    Posted by Marge on 7th Sep 2021

    I was taught piano as a child but over the years only used my left hand fo chords. I bought this book to start from the beginning and am very impressed. I need to learn to spread fingers. My 12 year old grandson wants to do this too so a refresher for me and a new instrument for him. I bought violin music from Alison before and liked the way she teaches.

  • 5

    Great so Far!

    Posted by Lawrence on 4th Feb 2021

    The Online Piano Tutor is great so far. Even though I'm still working my way through Book 1, I feel like I'm making a lot of progress so far.

  • 5

    Piano lessons

    Posted by Dimitra Gerakarakou on 28th Jul 2020

    Hello Mrs. Alison! You are absolutely the best music teacher! The way you explain everything is great! I 've never believed that I would understand and read music without your method of lessons! I really thank you!

  • 5

    Learn To Play The Piano Book 1 | (Download Only) Learn To Play The Piano Book

    Posted by Chris Monks on 4th Jul 2020

    I have found this guide very useful along with the youtube content. I'm working through the exercises which so far has been well explained and is easy to follow. Thanks

  • 5

    Learn to Play Piano Book 1

    Posted by Eric J Close on 9th Jun 2020

    Great course recommend it for any beginner. The book along with each YouTube video makes learning easy. I didn't think I would understand music but I'm coming along just fine. Not bad for a 64 year old. I'll be in to Book 2 very shortly.

  • 5


    Posted by EDWARD DAVIE on 5th Jun 2020

    I am a total novice but the book is brilliant and enjoying working through on my newly purchased casio 61 keyboard

  • 5

    Learn to play piano book 1

    Posted by Ed Irizarry on 31st May 2020

    So far so good, easy to understand, well written.

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