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The ultimate piano package that Alison offers!

Check out below to see what is included in the 'Platinum Package':

What you will get in the download:

- Learn To Play The Piano Book 1.

- Song Book 1.

- Learn To Play The Piano Book 2.

- Learn To Play The Piano Book 3.

- Song Book 3.

- Learn To Play The Piano Book 4.

- Song Book 4.

- Free 70 easy popular piano song arrangements.

- Ongoing complimentary email support with Alison*.

- One-time 20% discount off a single book at

- 'The Essential Piano Collection' book worth $9.99.


With this 1-40 Piano Lesson Course, it guarantees (yes, guarantees!) to take you from a complete and total beginner to a very competent and accomplished intermediate level, where you will be able to read music well and play just about any piece of music you would like too.


The Complete Collection of piano books: These are the 7 (DOWNLOADABLE) books that make up this collection. There are 4 piano tutorial books and 3 Song Books. There are also 40 videos that accompany each and every tutorial lesson as well as one demonstration video for each of the Song Books. The videos are linked in each book which you can access online (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device) and also offline with QR codes.

 All 40 Videos: You will receive a PDF with a link to download the videos that accompany the Complete Collection of piano books. All the videos are linked in the books through YouTube, but with the Platinum Package, you will have them at your disposal all the time so that you can conveniently watch and learn when you are offline.

 Free 70 Easy Popular Piano Book: This is a (DOWNLOADABLE) folder that contains 70 pieces of popular music arranged for easy piano, by Alison herself. They are all categorised as easy, but of course some may be easier than others. These pieces just a fun accompaniment to the tutorial and song books in the 'Complete Collection'. What better way to hone your new piano skills than by playing your favourite pieces of music whilst actually learning and playing the properly by reading the music all on your own!

*Ongoing complimentary email support with Alison: Fair usage with this does apply and as such, you will be limited to 3 emails/questions per month; so please use them wisely! Whilst Alison is very confident that her books and videos explain everything you need to take you on your journey to learning the piano, you may at times get stuck and this is where Alison can step in and help you a little.

Unfortunately at this time, Alison will only be able to help you with specific questions relating to issues you may have from learning with her course or her books. This would be technical questions relating to the lessons where some extra clarification is needed.

She is unable to guide you on any questions outside of the course, for example; on which piano or other accessories to purchase, or on other books you may have that have not been written by her, or other topics not relating to her '1-40 piolin Course' or her books in this package, or general progress assessment.

Please note: this is for written email support only and does not include assessment or help via videos.

20% discount at With this code, you are entitled to 20% off one purchase of a single book from this online book store. You will need to email Alison for the code once you have purchased the Platinum Package and the code will be valid for 1 year from that date.

The Essential Piano Collection Book: This book contains 8 pieces that have been composed and arranged by Alison. Each pieces comes with an MP3 recording. This book is suitable for the experienced beginner to intermediate player, so it should suit you when you begin to reach the end of the 1-40 Piano Course.



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15 Reviews

  • 5

    The piano tutor 1-40 course

    Posted by Curtis Heard on 8th Jul 2023

    This course is amazing. I find Alison to be very professional and she has an uncanny ability to know the best practice routine for me ! I'm seeing great results already and after 6 days, I'm almost finished Book 1. I find the course fun as well. In fact, I've started a second practice time each day. I'm very inspired from this course and that's good for me, being 71 ! I'm so glad I ordered the platinum package, and now I can have the lessons offline. Without hardly realizing it, the course has been teaching me to read music. At only $99.00 for this course, I feel like I stole it !!

  • 5

    Great Value

    Posted by Lisa H on 19th May 2023

    The value this course/package gives is incredible. QR codes, videos for everything, tons of songs to practice and every lesson built upon each other so logically and thoroughly. I purchased some time ago and forgot to give a review, but I can’t wait to get back into it soon!

  • 5

    Well thought out & a great value for the money

    Posted by Lisa on 17th May 2021

    I’ve had this for a good while but just recently started digging back into it. Followed along on her youtube channel forever but finally made the purchase & am I’m so excited to put the work in & move forward with my piano journey. I believe in her teaching methods & find that she makes things very understandable & organized well. I appreciate the videos that you can keep & rewatch as well as the QR code’s that link directly to the online videos so easily. She’s made it at simple as I think anyone can for not having a piano teacher right beside you in the flesh.

  • 5

    Ideal way to learn the piano.

    Posted by john heley on 10th May 2021

    Excellent value and clearly presented

  • 5

    Platinum Piano learning package

    Posted by Sean Rice on 24th Mar 2021

    I had been following various on-line lessons covering early stages piano learning given by Alison so I have now taken it a step further by getting the platinum package. I like it. It is taking me at a pace and manner in which I feel comfortable and can benefit from to make steady progress.

  • 5

    Piano course

    Posted by Robert Salmen on 2nd Mar 2021

    I appreciate Alison's no nonsense approach and her delivery. She doesn't leave you feeling less than and manages to motivate you at the same time.

  • 5

    Platinum package

    Posted by Terry Ringler on 28th Jan 2021

    Great package. Excellent instruction. Very easy to follow. Alison makes learning very easy in her lessons.

  • 5

    Platinum package

    Posted by John on 17th Dec 2020

    Easy to understand and Alison puts it over very well

  • 5

    Piano Series Platinum Edition

    Posted by Brady Kelso on 28th Jun 2020

    I am thrilled with the ease of purchasing and downloading the piano lessons. Moreover, I'm very pleased with the quality of the step-by-step instruction. Thanks for the hard work and organization on each of the lessons, Alison. Cheers!

  • 5

    Platinum Package

    Posted by ROBERT CURRY on 15th May 2020

    a wonderful program to learn by. A fantastic teacher and teaching method.

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