Learn To Play The Piano Books 1 - 4 | COMPLETE COLLECTION (Download Only)

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This file is a zip file and cannot be opened using an iPad. 

Format:  100% Downloadable PDF 
Instrument:  Piano
Skill:  Complete Beginner to Intermediate
Type:  Tutorial & Song Book
Pages:  7 books - 222 pages TOTAL
Series:  'Learn To Play The Piano' series.


Learn To Play The Piano Complete Collection

All books are available individually:

See individual listings for more details on each book (links above).

You will receive the following 7 books and Mp3 folder in the download:

1. Learn To Play The Piano Book 1

2. Song Book 1

3. Learn To Play The Piano Book 2

4. Learn To Play The Piano Book 3

5. Song Book 3

6. Learn To Play The Piano Book 4

7. Song Book 4

8. Mp3 recordings of each of the pieces in Song Book 4

*A new song book has been released Sept 2018 which is not included in this collection yet.

Click HERE to purchase the 'Song Book 1; THE NEW COLLECTION'*


Accompanying Books

The below books are all in the 'Learn To Play Piano' series which accompany each other and follow on from each other. 

It is recommended that once you have completed the Tutorial book, you move onto the Song Book of the same level as this will give you more practise at that level before you move on:

Learn To Play The Piano Book 1

Song Book 1

Learn To Play The Piano Book 2

Learn To Play The Piano Book 3

Song Book 3

Learn To Play The Piano Book 4

Song Book 4


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40 Reviews

  • 5

    So far I’m enjoying the product and am satisfied with the results

    Posted by Erica Voorwinde on 15th Jun 2024

    Easy to follow and feel like I’m making satisfactory progress

  • 5

    Nice Combo

    Posted by Steve Chin on 4th May 2024

    Great deal.

  • 5


    Posted by Miche’le bitting on 12th Mar 2024

    Very easy to understand. I like the exercises start out easy and gradually get harder but are still easy to play if you take your time. The videos help out a lot, well worth the money.

  • 5

    Piano tutorial books

    Posted by Lisa Dike on 11th Jan 2024

    My daughter just started today with your piano classes. The books are self explanatory. The book makes learning easy. So much fun. Thank you Alison

  • 5


    Posted by Gilbert Balderas on 30th Nov 2023

    Alison is masterful in her teachings! I am thoroughly delighted with the depth and breadth that she brings to what she is teaching. I most highly recommend her courses and YouTube content!

  • 5

    Piano complete collection

    Posted by E C on 23rd Jul 2023

    I think your course is fantastic and I strongly recommend. This is about the 5th method I have tried with my DC and it is the best by some considerable distance! I had not appreciated the importance of scales and arp etc before, and the classical pieces which have been adapted for beginner use are absolutely lovely, and great that such beautiful pieces can be played by beginners. I think you should consider getting your course translated so that they are available in other languages! This is v gushing, just to confirm that this is a genuine review!

  • 5

    Piano books - complete collection

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Mar 2023

    I bought this course for my sister, because I'm so impressed with the violin course which I'm doing myself. There are now two very happy sisters.

  • 5

    Excellent. My 5 year attempts to learn piano is answered -an 80 year old ataxic learning piano.

    Posted by nagaraja koodli on 13th Nov 2022

    it is almost like one on one coaching

  • 5

    Excellent. My 5 year attempts to learn piano is answered -an 80 year old ataxic learning piano. This is 'no nonsense' approach by Alison.

    Posted by nagaraja koodli on 13th Nov 2022

    I am feeling upbeat, because i am sure i will learn piano in next 2 months by following videos 1 to 40.

  • 5

    Piano book collection

    Posted by Corey on 19th Nov 2021

    I haven’t gotten to deep into this series yet but I have the violin lesson and if these are of the same caliber as that then they are worth it

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